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Make your own picture book with Culture Street

I just recently learned about a picture book maker that is free and has no login required.  So, I tested it out and while it makes a short book (a front cover, 3 full page spreads and a back cover), it is perfect to not overwhelm a child.  Culture Street is funded by the Arts Council England and their main site has additional activities for kids.



Symbaloo.com for your web favorites

Attending the New Jersey School Librarians conference opened my eyes to even more interesting websites.  www.Symbaloo.com combines web page bookmarking with icons to assist our most visual learners. 

How does it work?

Symbaloo allows you to take bookmarked web pages and create your own icons.  You can make collections for home, school, work etc.  After you are finished, you can embed the information into another page or share the sites wth others.



Internet safety never takes a holiday

Making internet safety talks fun!

Starting in the 3rd grade, all students sign an acceptable use policy form that discusses the correct ways to use the internet in school.  I accompany that signing with a lesson on safety, how to judge a website’s validity and basically how to be a media saavy “detective”.  This year, I also added a free Brain Pop Jr. web video that the students really seemed to like.  In fact it was so popular that I had the 2nd graders view it.  The discussion following the video was frank and informative.  Here is a link to the video in case you are interested.



Online Catalog and Textbook available at home

This week I will be re-introducing the students to some of the online resources that they can use at school and at home.

Clinton Catalog

First I demonstrated how students can access the Clinton Catalog using their student ID and password.  In addition to having access to our library collection at home, students and their families can verify checked out library materials and due dates.

There are also links available on the home tab for research resources, typing tools and author web sites.

Clinton Catalog

Harcourt 5th Grade Social Studies Book

Students can now access their social studies book online at http://www.eharcourtschool.com.  They will each receive the login information in library this week.



Use tags to find articles

Thank you to my friends and co-workers for offering such great feedback on this venture of mine.  In the coming weeks and months, when school is back in full swing, I will have lots of new information to post.  Please use the tags feature at the bottom of every page to easily find articles.  If you click on tags such as app you will go to all of my articles on apps or Harry Potter will take you to all articles concerning my favorite young wizard.  So keep the feedback coming!


Word play with Wordle.net

How fun to play with words in a visual manner!  This year I started using a website called www.wordle.net.  It is free and very easy to use.  Here is a picture of the home page.
Wordle.net Home Page
Wordle.net Home Page

To begin, click on create.  Now comes the fun part.  Type words into the blank screen.  The more times you repeat a word, the larger that word will be in the final visual.  For example, you can type Read Read Read books and Read will be 3 times as large as the word books.  To connect a phrase use the symbol ~ in between words.  If you want to save a wordle, you can screen capture it with a snipping tool and save as a .jpg file.

Here is my wordle for favorite children’s books.

Books I love

A Wordle of children’s books.