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Move over Wordle, here comes Tagzedo.com

Word Cloud from Tagxedo.com
AnywhereLibrarian Word Cloud

Word clouds are so fun in school since they combine the power of words and the power of art.  Unfortunately, www.wordle.net, does not always work in a school computer lab.  Today, I was shown the magic of www.tagxedo.com, a site which allows users to create word clouds in shapes of their choosing.  My goal will be to use this site as part of our dictionary lessons. 

Note:  the above tagxedo was made from the words on my site, www.anywherelibrarian.com.  Enjoy!


Word of the day? Yes there is power in vocabulary!

Did your parent have a word of the day or did you receive a dictionary as a holiday gift?  If you were me, the answer was yes on both accounts.  As the daughter of a school teacher, I was raised to love and appreciate the English language.  Based on that, I was saddened and hopeful by the article in School Library Journal, July 2011, titled The Power of Words (http://tinyurl.com/3octzrq).  The authors bring to light the discrepancy between income, vocabulary and the achievement gap.

What can we do to close the vocabulary gap?

As librarians, parents and adults, we can talk to children, ask open ended questions and read with them.  Even more fun is have fun with language.  I live in a board game home and welcome our nightly Scrabble battles.  If you haven’t tried Bananagrams, I recommend it highly (picture personal games of Scrabble that are part of a larger game between participants).

The other tool I have been using is the Merriam-Webster App that you can get for free.  There is a word of the day feature plus a voice search.  If you aren’t sure how to spell the word, you can speak into your IPad and it will search for the definition.