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Virtual Tour of the San Diego Zoo

Through my work as a Common Sense teacher for 2014-2015, students are learning about digital citizenship.  Connected with 2nd grade lessons on community, we are learning how to be positive community members even when the community is virtual or online.  A great way to demonstrate kid friendly sites, is to allow students to visit the San Diego Zoo kids site at http://kids.sandiegozoo.org/.

Why do I love this site so much?  There are great kid friendly videos, lessons, activities and live cams of animals.  What is not to love?  Here is the video that students watch before our virtual trip.

My Online Neighborhood




Using Google Maps in the Classroom

This week the 4th Grade students completed their introduction to Google Maps in the computer lab and also analyzed a variety of atlases and paper maps. The key to the discussion was asking the 5 W’s and an H.

Who developed the map/atlas?
What is the purpose?
When was it created?
Where would you find one? (classroom, car, library)
Why was it made?
How would you use it?

We asked the same questions of Google Maps. This will build towards our analysis of resources for research projects when students will have to combine paper and online resources.






On vacation? Library usage may be available.

I love vacationing in Ocean City, NJ and have spent countless hours in the local library (www.oceancitylibrary.org) since childhood. This summer I learned that for a fee of $15 a summer, a visitor may join the library. So next time you go on vacation and find yourself in need of a good book, movie or family friendly adventure, stop into your local library. You just might be able to enjoy the many wonders of a library away from home.


Ooh la la… Paris is calling

With the heat of the summer, I have been inspired to dream of getting away.  If you find that world travel is not a reality, take a virtual tour of Paris, France instead.  One place I have visited is the Louvre Museum.  Click here to take you to the virtual museum.


Another option is to download Google Earth for free and take a tour of Paris.  If you have Panoramio clicked under the Photos layer on the left toolbar, you can enter panoramic photos and get a sense of being in the location.  Bonjour!

Paris, FranceView from the Eiffel Tower