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Symbaloo.com for your web favorites

Attending the New Jersey School Librarians conference opened my eyes to even more interesting websites.  www.Symbaloo.com combines web page bookmarking with icons to assist our most visual learners. 

How does it work?

Symbaloo allows you to take bookmarked web pages and create your own icons.  You can make collections for home, school, work etc.  After you are finished, you can embed the information into another page or share the sites wth others.



Use tags to find articles

Thank you to my friends and co-workers for offering such great feedback on this venture of mine.  In the coming weeks and months, when school is back in full swing, I will have lots of new information to post.  Please use the tags feature at the bottom of every page to easily find articles.  If you click on tags such as app you will go to all of my articles on apps or Harry Potter will take you to all articles concerning my favorite young wizard.  So keep the feedback coming!