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Podcast To Engage Inquisitive Kids

Podcasts… the new old school way to learn.  I love them and listen to them regularly as well as want to make one with students in 2016-2017.  So, when I was told about Brains On last week, I instantly placed it in my podcast feed and anxiously awaited a few minutes of uninterrupted time to test it out.  Well… I am happy to say that I am hooked and am more excited to start my own next school year.  Brains On encourages curiosity and explains in kid friendly terms answers to their questions.  Here is a sample from their website.


Support our library

Since 2014, the Clinton Library has been actively using the site Donors Choose to support library projects.  We have had 16 projects funded and I cannot thank the support of the local community enough.  Our newest grants helped bring Makey Makey sets to the library and we are still loving our expanded Makerspace with robots and Osmo Numbers. To see our past projects, please visit our page.



National Zoo offers fun animal cams

Want to learn more about an animal, but can’t get to the zoo?  The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has many animal cams set up so that you can peek in and learn about animals.  Just today I watched a panda take resting on Panda Cam 1.  Perhaps it wasn’t the most exciting video, but it is summer and even pandas deserve a nap!


The zoo does warn you that you can’t always see the animals since they might be sleeping or playing out of sight.