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E-books from your local library

Have you read an e-book yet? This summer I got serious about using my IPad as an e-reader and while I missed the feel of a traditional book, the portability was key. The South Orange library offers e-books through a program called Overdrive. You can download the program on a computer or as I did with an app and then check out books (for free). Maplewood Library has recently switched vendors as well and I need to investigate their process.

The summer is winding down and I am quickly reading all of the books that I can. Don’t forget to try an e-book or an audiobook this summer as one more option!


App for teaching: ShowMe

Frequently, I am asked what I am reading and this week my summer reading has included the latest issue of School Library Journal, August 2011.  This has led me to read about and download the free app ShowMe.  ShowMe is an interactive whiteboard that you can use to demonstrate or learn a concept.  There is even a feature for recording the lesson.  I created a basic lesson below on how to shelve a picture book.  Just as we teach student’s to watch their um’s and eh’s, I too am aware now of my comfort filler words and have become the student.  As I play with this app more, I am excited to share it’s functionality.