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Virtual Tour of the San Diego Zoo

Through my work as a Common Sense teacher for 2014-2015, students are learning about digital citizenship.  Connected with 2nd grade lessons on community, we are learning how to be positive community members even when the community is virtual or online.  A great way to demonstrate kid friendly sites, is to allow students to visit the San Diego Zoo kids site at http://kids.sandiegozoo.org/.

Why do I love this site so much?  There are great kid friendly videos, lessons, activities and live cams of animals.  What is not to love?  Here is the video that students watch before our virtual trip.

My Online Neighborhood




Internet safety never takes a holiday

Making internet safety talks fun!

Starting in the 3rd grade, all students sign an acceptable use policy form that discusses the correct ways to use the internet in school.  I accompany that signing with a lesson on safety, how to judge a website’s validity and basically how to be a media saavy “detective”.  This year, I also added a free Brain Pop Jr. web video that the students really seemed to like.  In fact it was so popular that I had the 2nd graders view it.  The discussion following the video was frank and informative.  Here is a link to the video in case you are interested.