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Virtual tour of Philadelphia as in colonial times

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment, www.historyofphilly.com, offers great insight into the importance of Philadelphia in the late 1700’s.  Not only was Philadelphia a modern city, but it was a diverse city with white and black, free and enslaved persons living together.  The following webisode nicely lays out the key locations during a tumultuous time in 1793 when yellow fever came to Philadephia.

 Aerial America: Pennsylvania

The Smithsonian Channel has brought us this aerial view and historical tour of Pennsylvania.  The first 15 minutes offer a nice overview of the planning of Philadephia as well as some fun stories.  This provides students a physical overview not often seen if visiting the city on foot.



Decoding History – 39 Clues Reading Club

If you like a good adventure and aren’t afraid of learning some history, check out this virtual tour of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.  Author David Baldacci, as part of the 39 Clues Reading Club, teamed up with historians to bring history to life.  One of the video segments discusses the pottery of David Drake sometimes known as Dave the Potter.  I have featured the award winning book Dave the Potter in school and previously shown students clips of PBS’s series History Detectives.  Happy learning!

Watch Face Jug on PBS. See more from History Detectives.



Anne Frank interactive timeline available

As our 4th grade students read The Diary of Anne Frank, I am compelled to share the Anne Frank timeline and website.  http://www.annefrank.org/en/

There is an interactive timeline with plenty of primary sources and connections between Anne’s letters and what was happening in the world.  Additionally, you can take a 3D tour of Anne’s house that is recreated from actual photos.