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Teaching Kids to Code Presentation at NJECC 2015

A bitter cold day in January led me to Montclair State University for the 29th annual New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative Conference.  It was a valuable day of learning for me as I had the opportunity to learn and be inspired by some powerful voices.  Jonathan (JR) Rochelle from Google had a fantastic keynote presentation that focused on inspiring students.  I especially enjoyed the videos on Rubiks Cube Questioning and Moonshot Thinking.

In the afternoon, I led a hands-on workshop for teachers on how to teach kids to code.  My favorite takeaway was that we are teaching future leaders the logic of coding.  The various languages will follow. This becomes key when people question the validity of drop and drag block language over learning text based languages  such as html, javascript etc.


Using Google Maps in the Classroom

This week the 4th Grade students completed their introduction to Google Maps in the computer lab and also analyzed a variety of atlases and paper maps. The key to the discussion was asking the 5 W’s and an H.

Who developed the map/atlas?
What is the purpose?
When was it created?
Where would you find one? (classroom, car, library)
Why was it made?
How would you use it?

We asked the same questions of Google Maps. This will build towards our analysis of resources for research projects when students will have to combine paper and online resources.