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Go Edscape 2012!

This weekend I attended the Edscape conference at Mount Vernon High School.  It was a fun way to spend a Saturday even though it was a beautiful day in NJ.  I ran into another educator,Barbara De Santis, and I got a chance to tell her how much I love her blog!  She really has great recommendations and you can find her here http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/bsdbsd/.

I am excited to use Evernote more, start classroom blogs with www.kidblog.org/ClintonLibrary and other teacher pages as well as include gaming techniques in lessons.  My notes are filled with great ideas and now the challenge is to pick 3 to focus on.  Let the book blogging begin!


I’m Here doesn’t disappoint

Today I had the pleasure to meet Peter H. Reynolds, the author of Ish and The Dot as well as the illustrator of the Judy Moody and Stink series at Words Bookstore in Maplewood, NJ.  He autographed a copy of I’m Here for the Clinton Library and inspired the children in attendance to be artists.  His books Ish and The Dot are fantastic stories for children (and adults) who approach art and creativity with nervousness as they dispell the belief that art has to be perfect.  I’m Here delves into the issue of autism and the importance of friendship in a heart warming picture book.

I recommend the works of Peter H Reynolds to children of all ages.



Banned Books Week Sept 24 – Oct 1

Can you name some classic books that have been challenged?

For several years I have been involved in creating banned book displays both at the public library and at the school library and every year I am re-energized to bring some of these “dangerous” books to light.  Books such as The Color Purple, The Catcher in the Rye or The Great Gatsby were wonderful parts of my growing up with literature.  Even my friend Harry Potter is a foe to many with his wizarding ways.  This year I ask you to think about your favorite books and what they have meant to you.  The gift of literature is a wonderful one!

Here is a link to the American Library Association list of banned or challenged classics.