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Podcast To Engage Inquisitive Kids

Podcasts… the new old school way to learn.  I love them and listen to them regularly as well as want to make one with students in 2016-2017.  So, when I was told about Brains On last week, I instantly placed it in my podcast feed and anxiously awaited a few minutes of uninterrupted time to test it out.  Well… I am happy to say that I am hooked and am more excited to start my own next school year.  Brains On encourages curiosity and explains in kid friendly terms answers to their questions.  Here is a sample from their website.


Graphic Novels Celebrated with Author Dave Roman

Clinton Elementary students were super psyched to meet author/illustrator Dave Roman in March.  His visit marked the first time we have had a comic writer speak and it was worth the wait.  His talk focused on his craft, but also on Astronaut Academy.  Third – fifth grade students had been getting ready to meet him by creating their own versions of a space academy and were ready to discuss their ideas.  Thank you Dave for visiting!


Creating Modern Storytellers – NJASL 2015

In November, I was honored to not only present on the topic of modern storytelling, but to also receive the Jean E. Harris Progressive Library Award.  It was so special to be recognized for the work done at the Clinton Elementary School Library.  One of the library world’s great champions, Dr. Joyce Valenza, featured my acceptance speech on her School Library Journal blog, NeverEnding Search.